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Bicycle shop and cafe located at Box Hill and Westhumble Station in the Surrey Hills, on the
spectacular North Downs.



Whilst the shop is now OPEN for new builds, servicing and repairs we are not always there currently so are available by email at our usual address and opening by appointment during week days only.


We are in fact open most weekdays but do check first as it changes daily.  We will remain CLOSED at weekends for the foreseeable future due to the large crowds that are descending on Westhumble making it a no-go area for locals and residents.

We are happy to discuss and quote for new builds or rebuilds etc and are able to supply and build bikes to order subject to availability.  Many thanks to all our customers for their support over the last few unusual months. 

Our small cafe will remain closed for now.

Welcome to Pilgrim Cycles. We are a small friendly independent bicycle shop and cafe based at Box Hill and Westhumble Station in the beautiful Surrey Hills.  We are a TOURING BIKE SPECIALIST and the builders of our very own PILGRIM touring bikes.

Our lovely historic country railway station is listed as one of the Guardian’s  TOP 10 stations in the UK, and celebrated its 150th birthday last year.  Just off the North Downs and Pilgrim’s Way, a few minutes from Box Hill and other spectacular walks, cycling routes and bridleways, we are perfectly situated for the start, end or middle of a day out in the country all year round.

Our home is in the delightful hammer-beamed Old Booking Hall, opened by the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway in 1867 as part of a unique set with Leatherhead and Dorking stations.  This has to be one of the prettiest main-line stations anywhere in the country, and is well under an hour from central London with a regular service even on Sundays and bank holidays.

Pilgrim Cycles

What We Do

Bicycle Custom Builds and Sales

Here at Pilgrim Cycles we make our own brand of Pilgrim touring, audax and bike-packing bicycles on the premises in leafy Surrey.  

DROP-handlebars, FLAT BARS, TREKKING, BUTTERFLY, JONES H-BARS, KOGA and other bars all work well on most of our bikes.  We build plenty of each style.

We are also a stockist of Surly and Sabbath touring and adventure bikes, are an official Dawes Touring Dealer , which means we get to chat about some remarkable plans and trips with remarkable people!  

We do a fair few custom bike builds based on Surly and Bob Jackson frames that we can supply, along with Rohloff Speedhub wheel and bike builds- everything you might want to create your perfect bike in fact.

We are pleased to accept various cycle to work scheme payments, but do have to pass on their commission as an admin fee on top of the price of the bike.  This will be 10 to 15% of the amount of the cycle scheme payment, so typically adds £100 to £150 to the total.

Pilgrim Cycles – full details under the ‘Our Bikes’ heading above

– Pilgrim Whitedown audax / fast tourer demo available to try
– Pilgrim Northdown tourer demo available to try
– Pilgrim Tourer demo available to try

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Surly – standard and custom builds

Complete bikes and custom builds are always popular.  We have built plenty of Disc Truckers, Long Haul Truckers, Crosschecks, Trolls and Ogres as well as Rohloff-hub-geared ECRs, Wednesdays, Ogres, Trolls and Pugsleys that have all had some exciting trips.

20180209_144958  Disc Trucker CIMG3280  Image-3IMG_2881  _private_var_mobile_Containers_Data_Application_C12EBB10-4818-4A2D-93F5-7B554FD9AC6D_tmp_42B6E226-1E46-456F-AE3A-9582731F2DA1_Image

– all Surly models can be obtained next day subject to availability.

Bob Jackson custom builds

We are always happy to help specify and build your ideal bike.  We have built a few Bob Jackson-framed specials to order and also send customers’ own much-loved frames to them for full renovation.

Sabbath titanium gravel, audax, road and touring bikes

We love the Sabbath September AR-1 disc modelwhich is a popular as a gravel or audax / light tourer build.  These are examples of what can be built to order on these highly regarded British designed titanium frames.   Standard builds also available.

Sabbath 011 Sabbath 015

The AR-1 makes a great gravel / ‘cross inspired adventure bike and also works wonderfully as an audax / all round road bike.  Contact us for more details.  The introductory prices cannot last!

– September AR-1 105 11 speed double fully-hydraulic disc carbon fork

– September AR-1  105 10 speed triple TRP Spyre brakes steel fork


– Several models of Galaxies in various sizes always available to try.

– We also sell Dawes bikes for all other tastes and uses from sportive to hybrids, trekking, road and mountain bikes.  Most are available next-day subject to availability.

Places we know our bikes* have been include……

Americas – top to bottom, left to right.  Great Divide, coast-to-coast, Argentina, Peru, Patagonia, Canada (Vancouver to Halifax)

UK all over including several end-to-ends, coastal routes,  one Guildford to Lands End to Pembroke to Ireland then up the west coast and over to Scotland and home..  2000 miles in 21 days.  Another did most of the UK then on to Norway then back via Scandinavia to Calais.  Possibly into the Arctic Circle can’t remember!

Europe – France, Monaco, Spain, Benelux, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, east to Istanbul, Baltic states, Scandinavia, eastern Europe.

Further east – Turkey, various ‘stans, India, Himalayas,  Thailand, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, China, Mongolia.  Iran’s ‘new’ visa rules have stopped a few trips there recently.

Round the World – don’t think anyone’s gone all the way round yet.  An intrepid few have gone overland to New Zealand and Australia and one is doing it in reverse coming home from Australia last we heard.  Some of our customers seem to pack an awful lot into a year.

* the term ‘our bikes’ includes Pilgrim tourers and Surlys we have built as custom one-offs, as well as standard Surly, Spa and Dawes bikes we have supplied to happy customers.

Repairs, Rebuilds and Renovations

We are able to undertake most repairs and will always give a fair estimate at no cost or obligation. Most parts can be obtained within a day or two, and we will always agree details in advance.  A repair with full service can sometimes be a more efficient way of dealing with those irritating niggles that take the edge off your enjoyment.

We also do a lot of rebuilds and renovations, such as stripping customer bikes and having the frames re-enameled before rebuilding them to their former glory, or sympathetically updating older tourers and road bikes.  We have also rebuilt customers’ older steel mountain bikes as 26″ wheel tourers, which can be a very effective use of a much-loved old frame.   This is a very satisfying process and we would be pleased to discuss your needs and give an estimate at no obligation.

Bikes we have rebuilt or updated with renovated frames include frames by Roberts, Longstaff, Spooner, Brian Rourke, Schwinn, Carlton and Thorn as well as many more workaday Holdsworths, Claud Butlers, Raleighs, Dawes and others.  They all go out ready for another few thousand miles and decades of use giving pleasure to their discerning owners.

For walk-in repairs we have a £10.00 minimum workshop charge, and will always agree the price before proceeding.


Our standard service charge is currently £65 plus parts – extra may be charged for disassembling headsets, bottom brackets and hubs, as well as hydraulic brake bleeding.  Very dirty bikes will incur a £20 surcharge.

For unusual or difficult jobs such as cutting out corroded bottom brackets our hourly rate is £50.

Standard service items are kept in stock, and other items can be ordered in at short notice.

Luggage, dynamo lighting, parts & accessories

We stock bikepacking and traditional racks, saddlebags and panniers.  Tubus, Carradice and Ortlieb are  available in limited stock or to order at a couple of days’ np#otice.

Dynamo wheel and lighting sets are always popular, and we are pleased to fit the wheel and lights for a reasonable cost if required.   Fitting is free if purchased with a new bike.  Prices start at around £220 for a hand-built dynamo wheel and both lights, with USB charging options starting around £280.

Tyres, tubes and chains are always in stock as well as pumps, lights, gloves, overshoes and other essentials.  Just about anything else can be ordered in at a day or two’s notice.


Maps & Guides

We are stockists of local Ordnance Survey maps and a range of cycling and walking guides covering local areas and further afield.

We are genuine lovers of maps and the outdoors and will be pleased to advise on local journeys and good reads.


We are also lovers of good books on all sorts of subjects, from cycling and walking to the outdoors in general and round-the-world and adventure travel to quiet strolls in the fields, woods and downs.  We stock an number of local and less-local guides and are particularly pleased to be able to offer Frank Patterson books and prints – see the blog pages for more details.

We always have stock of new copies of ‘Frank Patterson the Early Years‘ priced at £20, and ‘Memories of Frank Patterson‘ priced at £25.  These can be hard to find new and can turn up second-hand for considerably more for some reason!   We are happy to post these within the UK for a reasonable charge.

Cafe / coffee shop

Our small cafe is currently CLOSED and will be the last part of the business to reopen following the Corona virus lockdown.  In happier times it was open 6 days a week, from at least 9 to 5 Tuesday to Friday and 10 till 4 on Saturdays and Sundays, offering top-quality coffees, teas and hot chocolate for take-away and sit-down customers.

During the week there are times when we have a single member of staff present and can be very busy with our main bicycle work and thus unable to offer sandwiches etc.   We do what we can at the time.

We welcome cyclists, walkers, rail travellers and anyone else who may be passing although we do find it hard to cope with very large parties and can get very busy at times on weekends.

The crowds usually clear after a while if people are prepared to wait a while.  Our electrical supply is very limited so lots of toasted sandwich orders at once can take a while to get through.  Just mentioning it in case anyone comes at a bad time!  We do our best.

Our bikes

We are pleased to offer the following Pilgrim bicycles, all of which are hand-assembled at our shop in Westhumble from top quality components.


Whitedown / Whitedown Plus

The ‘Whitedown’ and ‘Whitedown Plus’ are our audax builds from £2,195.00    ** DISC BRAKE VERSION FROM £2,315.00 **  “LADIES” FRAME WHITEDOWN PLUS OPTION

WhiteDown 20190404_132615  nov16-055  20190913_184739

20181102_123536  CIMG3938  20170506_150239  Dec16 019

20151218_141919  20181102_131413  Blue Whitedown 021  E2E 005

May15 035  Blue Whitedown 007  nov16-029  nov16-041

20180220_141627  20180220_141643  20181102_131343  Whitedown in snow 1

2014-12-29 17.24.34 20190404_132624 20190913_184609

The ‘Whitedown‘ is our fast tourer / audax bike, using a lugged and brazed Reynolds 631 frame hand-built for us in the UK by world-renowned frame builders who we are delighted to be working in partnership with.  Allow about 6 to 8 weeks to ride the complete bike away after placing a deposit.

This is the bike for sporty light touring (the end- to- end staying at B&Bs for example) eating up the miles with comfort and speed. It is also perfect for lengthy commutes, day or night rides, sportives and audax events. It can accommodate 25mm tyres and mudguards as standard, or the ‘Whitedown Plus‘ option has clearance for 28mm tyres and ‘guards.  A Brooks B17 Narrow saddle is standard but other choices can be requested.

The ‘Whitedown’ is available in half-inch frame increments, built to order in a choice of colours and finishes.  A typical build using the Shimano 105 groupset with audax wheels and mudguards would be £2,195.00 for the complete bike.  Changes to the spec are welcome and may affect the price.  Campag Centaur would be a small increase for example.  Reynolds 853 tubing can be used as an upgrade over the standard price and fork upgrades are also available.  Either a 1″ quill or Ahead type steerer can be specified.

LADIES FRAME OPTION – the ‘Whitedown Plus’ can also be built with a traditional ladies lowered top tube.  This can be built up to audax or tourer spec and makes a lovely choice for anyone wanting a traditional “ladies” frame for a serious bike.



The ‘Northdown’ is our full touring build from £2,245.00   ** DISC BRAKE VERSION FROM £2,365.00.  ROHLOFF OPTIONS AVAILABLE **

20190222_160316 (1)  20180323_122318  20181214_123548  20180725_115814

20190222_160513 (1)  20180322_135630  20180322_135543  Purple April 2016 019

BRG 012  May15 042  May15 027  20181214_123914

Feb 17 030  Feb 17 023  Feb 17 026  May15 025

20150429_191646  May15 031  20171220_111452  Disc 008

ctc  20191115_141952

The ‘Northdown‘ is our full-on tourer, again based on a lugged and brazed Reynolds 631 frame from our UK frame-builders with a global reputation. This frame has slightly over-sized main tubes and braze-ons for front as well as rear racks. This frame can be built for either a 1″ quill stem or 1 1/8″ Ahead stem.

The final build is normally a Stronglight-style chainset with mountain bike hubs and rear gearing. Wheels are hand-built in the UK by a highly regarded touring specialist. The price includes mudguards and rear rack, and a Brooks B17 saddle if required.

Frames are built to order in half-inch increments in a wide range of colours to suit your taste.  Disc brakes are popular upgrades on the Northdown.  As with the ‘Whitedown’, allow about 6 to 8 weeks from placing a deposit to riding out of the shop.


Pilgrim Tourer  – the green ‘un

The Pilgrim Tourer is our popular off-the-peg touring bike.  £1300.00

Pilgrim Tourer 013  20180518_175839  20180518_175908  Tourer 014  CIMG3927  CIMG3925  CIMG3902    20180307_093227

20150710_105415  20180518_180255  20160527_170129  20181017_140114

For those who do not feel the need for a bespoke ‘Northdown’, we  also offer this off-the-peg Pilgrim tourer which is still built to order at our Westhumble shop, with the same attention to detail as our other bikes.  With a tried -and-tested Reynolds 725 touring frame, and using Deore running gear, this is a great package at a great price, which includes Brooks B17 saddle, Tubus rear rack and double-eyeletted Mavic wheel rims.  Nothing that needs upgrading in fact.

Normally a rather lovely dark green (the photos don’t show it to best effect) but black is also available for no extra cost.  Custom colours are also fully available  at an additional £160 to £180 – please ask for details.  Flat-bar or bar-end versions are always popular and available built to order at the same price.

The 48/36/26 9-speed gearing gives the full range for all occasions, whilst the relaxed cyclo-cross handlebars and mountain bike transmission ensure a stylish, modern and rugged ride that is ready for whatever you have in mind.

We put loads of miles on one of these bikes before offering them for sale, both on and off the tarmac, and we really rate it as something special.

Full details available on request.  This is a bike to use for everyday transport, days out and serious adventures.


Pilgrim Tourer – disc version  – the blue ‘un

The disc-braked version of our popular off-the-peg Tourer.    £1415.00

20190418_16130820190418_16133620190418_16134420190425_133136 20190425_13311520190425_13301020190726_171208 20190726_171224 20190726_171259

Built to a similar spec as our tried-and-tested Pilgrim off-the-peg Tourer but with TRP Spyre mechanical disc brakes.  Also available with STI or bar-end shifters for drops or straight, trekking, Jones or butterfly bars as required.  Or any other setup please just ask!

Normally a nice dark blue this can also be repainted in a full range of colours for an additional £160 to £180.  British Racing Green’s nice but not standard!

As with all Pilgrim bikes, this is hand-built to order on-site at our shop nestling under the Pilgrim’s Way in the ancient folds of the North Downs, where the chalk byways still step out ‘neath yew and box, home of that most ancient of ancient Britons the badger, haunt of bats and owls…  oh and some French cows and Dutch sheep..  but we digress..


‘Green-Laner’ – our rather special off-road day riding / bikepacking bike.  

Now SOLD OUT IN THIS EXACT FORM, but repeatable as similar one-off custom builds.

June15 018  20160226_111937  20160403_173947  June15 014  20160304_085200  20160308_175957  South Downs Easter 2018 048  South Downs Easter 2018 088

Is it a ‘cross-plus bike on steroids or a 29er with drops?  depends on your point of view really… the ‘Green-Laner’  is a very exciting new bike we have built in-house using a frame supplied by a world-class British frame design company which is an all-welded steel frame designed for running a 29er wheelset with drop handlebars for a unique off-road experience.

Equally at home touring the bridleways and byways or barelling along some of the more technical stuff that some people enjoy, this is really conceived as a bike to explore the thousands of miles of bridleways and green lanes that the UK has to offer.

How about a lightweight traverse of the South Downs with a hammock or bivvy bag?  Why not slip a slim volume of Edward Thomas into your framebag or saddlebag and head off to explore the south country or further afield. Or how about an off-road end-to end? Start each morning with a new OS map and go from the bottom left to the top right and leave the world of tarmac and the internal combustion engine far behind for as long as the family will let you.

The standard bike has bar-end shifters and a 9 speed setup for rugged use all year round although it can also be setup with STI levers or as a single-speed on request.  The frame is also suitable for a Rohloff hub which is how we’re running ours currently.  The Brooks saddle and lovely green finish make it look like it could have been dropped at Arnhem, and its guaranteed to draw attention wherever you choose to ride. If you know about mountain bikes this is worth a try. If you don’t want to know about mountain bikes but have off-road exploring in mind this could be the bike for you.


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Please contact us before making a special trip for bicycle-related items to ensure staff are available to help. See our 'About' page for the latest holiday opening days.

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