Pilgrim Cycles

Bicycle shop and cafe located at Box Hill and Westhumble Station in the Surrey Hills, on the
spectacular North Downs.

Carbide night-runs 2019

We’ve been meaning to institute a Pilgrim Cycles carbide run series for a few years now.  Having dug ours out of the shed and re-commissioned them with some fires but no explosions it seems like October’s the right time to start for 2019.

Please get in touch if you’d be interested in a few non-electric nocturnal outings this winter.  We’ll be going out from time to time anyway so all are welcome to join in.   Rediscover the world before 1920 on your own doorstep….

Happy to advise on lights and maintenance etc but its not rocket science.  Pashley Guv’nor optional but we can sell you one if you lack a suitable bike, otherwise most sensible bikes can mount a lamp somehow.

Needn’t go for miles but one fill of water is good for a couple of hours or more and carrying spare water and carbide for longer trips makes all-nighter’s possible.  Brighton and back maybe or just some local miles.

There are still plenty of between-the-wars lamps to be had on ebay for under 50 quid and carbide is easily obtained from caving suppliers (or we can supply enough for the occasional trip if you bring your own tobacco tin or jam jar).

It would be fun to do a few long night runs if anyone fancies it.  Best when the roads are quiet later on so perfect for very late-night miles.

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