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Frank Patterson books and framed prints in stock

Frank Patterson prints and books are in stock at Pilgrim Cycles…

We have been quietly selling these for a while now and would like more people to rediscover the joy of Frank Patterson’s wonderfully evocative line drawings.

‘Pat’ was known to generations of cyclists as the illustrator of ‘Cycling’ magazine (later ‘Cycling Weekly’) for over fifty years from the 1890s, and also the ‘CTC Gazette’ from the 1920s.  He produced ten drawings a week, posted year-round from his remote farm house to the publishers without fail before, during and after the Great War and Second World War.

Patterson’s career coincided with the introduction of photographic print techniques, allowing the exact transfer of line drawings to a print block for the first time. A truly British style of commercial line-drawing emerged, and the very best illustrators worked under great pressure to produce thousands and thousands of drawings ‘to order’ over decades. 

Pilgrim Cycles are delighted to offer framed new fine-art prints and books of his works which are a window into a lost world, yet one which has left the shadow of its passing for those with sensitivity and imagination who care to look.


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